Online Fieldwork

TrendResearch builds online survey system to provide clients with data quickly and accurately.
This is the base of our reliable online fieldwork services.

· Logic check
· Response pattern
· Response time
· Diligence of answer to open-ended
(Deleting non-diligent response and warning)

· Checking basic logic and error
· Rotating question / choices / image (preveting order bias)
· Inserting image and video

· Keeping data on survey frequency / topic / data by member
· Excluding participants of similar survey
· Sending email by batch considering email checking frequency

Web Survey Production (CATI/CAPI)

If you need help making a questionnaire to online, please contact us. Our experts with best know-how will help you throughout questionnaire production process.

Online questionnaire development

We will promplty respond to your project
Generally tou will get the draft of questionnaire within 1 day. It varies according to the complexity of questionnaire. We provide you with best service to meet you project timeline.

01 Offline questionnaires
02 Questionnaire review and consulting
03 Questionnaire development
04 Test and revision
05 Response data inspection
06 Launch of survey


We provide a simple and inexpensive system
You can use the simple survey system. We offer interviewer management, expense management and filedwork process management service at low price.

You can use it anywhere with internet connection.

Interviewer management
(register, work count, payment)
Application of variety of multimedia
(image, video etc.)
Interviewer response
error prevetion
Real-time data acquisition and quota control

Data processing / Electronic Report

TrendResearch provides high-quality data processing services

You can expect a data processing team to provide high quality data services on time in your preferred format.

TrendResearch staffs are professionals with experience.
We can save your time on data processing.
We can help you with very complicated and difficult project on time.
We do simple data handling, SPSS tabulation and advanced analysis.

Save your time and money with TrendResearch's electronic report

Save your time for report and invest the saved time for your successful business.

With TrendResearch's electronic report stop wasting your time on manual reporting.
Organizing big presentations, graphic images and charts is not an easy task. Sometimes you have to go back to analysis again.

Electronic report is made of tables, charts and graphs.

Benefit of electronic report
Desired graphic charts component
To report deirectly from the original data
Automatic integration of data, charts and database
Increased productivity and low cost
Consistent report format and quality improvement