Advantage Of Panel

You can use high quality online panel.

Our panels are chosen representatively through dual agreement procedures.
We maintain strict quality standards to provide the best quality data.

TrendResearch recruits access panel continuously to minimize bias.
We make constant effort to remove self-selection bias.

You will have successful project, if you use online panel of TrendResearch

TrendResearch's panel have below strengths.
They are not members of specific portal sites. We build emailing list for Panel Recruiting Survey from 30-40 big portal sites to maintain representativeness and apply rigid sampling process.
Self Selection Bias minimized
Arbitrary subscription is blocked, Faulty subscription of interviewers or professional survey-goers are blocked
Reliability and confidentiality
No one can know which survey is going on except invited panel members. Systemic management of panel in terms of number of survey participation, survey data, topic of survey and diligence of response
Regular supplement and replacement of panel members
Regular recruitment is essential to guarantee reliability and representativeness of panel. Every March and September, we recruit 30,000 new members and dismiss non-active and insincere panel members regulary.
TrendResearch puts best value on honesty and reliability of the online panel.

With knowledge and experience from several years' work, we remove insincere panel members to protect the integrity and reliability of panel.
Client can perform successful projects with high-quality data.

Quality Control

Data Quality Control
TrendResearch follows below principles to maintain data quality.
01 Removing respondents of insincere response
We check pattern of response to find out and remove respondents who just put same answer without thought.
02 Removing respondents who complete too quickly
We put time checking to find out and remove respondents who response without thought.
03 Dismissing panel member of insincere response
We dismiss panel member who response inaccurately from our panel.
04 Reasonable compensation
We motivate panel members with appropriate level of incentive.
05 Removing the logical errors through the data cleaning
We remove logical errors, missing values and outliers through data cleaning and crosstab.
06 Response verification through phone call
We improves the quality of data though respondent verification by phone interview.