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Technology For Market Research

Do you need a best research service?
TrendResearch can deliver customer voice to you handling all the process of research.
TrendResearch offers one-stop service from IT service to access panel to provide high quality data quickly and accurately.

Online Fieldwork Service

Please contact us if you want to know what customers think.
You can conduct survey with high quality panel.
We provide local panel of course and in addition we also provides overseas panel through global network.

Customized Research IT Solution Service

We offer various solutions for client's e-business.
Fully experienced IT experts will provide variety of services for your system research business.
Enjoy high quality IT service at low cost.

About Us

TrendResearch is a research partner which provides clients with the most values.

TrendResearch is a professtional group with expertise and know-how.
We will provide best solution to client based on understanding of client's need.

TrendResearch has experts in each field.
It is capable of conducting projects most efficiently utilizing the various experiences and know-how as online survey agency.

TrendResearch combines various solutions with best quality panel to provide the best service for client's successful bussiness.

TrendResearch provides the best service for research.

Online Panel Research Fieldwork : Provides quick, economical and reliable research fieldwork service based on the online panel of best quallity.
Custimized Research IT Solution : Provides the best solution for research business of client. And shows the direction of sustainable development of client's e-business.


Online Panel Research Fieldwork

TrendResearch has the highest level of panel.
The client's can hear various opinions of consumers quickly and accurately.

TrendResearch also provides service of building a client's own panel of current customers and website members. It is capable of developing online questionnaire in multiple language to work for overseas panel agencies.

Provides customized research solution and IT support service

TrendResearch offers the best solution for client's system research business, and it shows a direction for sustainable development of client's e-business.


C.E.O : Yong-su Kim
  • Company : TrendResearch
  • Established : 2002. 06. 30
  • Category : Online research, Research solution, Marketing and Social survey.
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